PIPOParallel In, Parallel Out
PIPOPack It In, Pack It Out (anti-littering)
PIPOParallel Input Parallel Output
PIPOPoop In Poop Out
PIPOPhase In Phase Out
PIPOPerfect in Perfect out (computing)
PIPOPaper In, Paper Out
PIPOParticle in Particle Out
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In that same opening chapter, Pipo makes some discovery that might influence relations between the humans and the piggies.
The vehicle features a Reiger WRC suspension, 17-inch Speedline wheels with Pirelli P-Zero Rallycross tyres, Sadev six-speed sequential transmission, 355mm Brembo WRC rotors and four-pot callipers, Cosworth engine management on a PIPO Moteur built 2.
Resulta que las comunidades de esta zona antes se comunicaban mucho y entonces, por ejemplo, el bisabuelo del Pipo era amigo de don Higinio y Bonga; los papas de Quintin y Macario, amigos, etcetera.
A mosquito bit one of my sisters and Pipo told her, 'I'm going to get alcohol for the bite' and he went toward the back of the house.
Ces fy hunan ar ddiwrnod crasboeth gyda llawn desg o bethau i'w cyflawni, gan gynnwys y golofn hon, yn pipo i mewn ar Bortiwgal yn chwarae Gogledd Corea.
Noakarad De Verzee made i t a d a y t o remember for owner/rider David Maxwell when the 15-2 shot made all and kept on well for a three-and-a-quarterlength win from Pipo De Re in the 3m handicap chase.
Carlota and her partner Pipo are the proud parents of a new baby hippopotamus, the second born in captivity in the capital Lima.
CNN related that PIPO provides indigent, handicapped patients in Southeast Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas region with no charge artificial limb and orthopedic brace care.
Volume 3, as its predecessors, presents tunes by some of these almost-forgotten talents, such as Pete Bonet and Louie Ramirez (De Ese Mismo Trago), Latin Tempo (Papa Boco), Chamaco Ramirez (Asi Son Bongo), Pipo y La Superior (Loco Por Ti), Ray Rodriguez (Mi Timbal), Mark Diamond (Brujeria), Marty Galagarze & La Conquistadora (Presten Atencion), La Muralla (Avisale), and others.
All' stands for all IPO sample issues, PIPO represents privatisation Initial Public Offerings, IPOs stands for public sector Initial Public Offerings.