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PIPRAPublic Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (Davis, CA)
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En el pais contamos con aproximadamente 23 especies de saltarines, distribuidos en los generos Chiroxiphia, Manacus, Masius, Pipra (Genero tipo), Corapipo, Xenopipo, Chloropipo, Machaeropterus, Tyranneutes, Neopipo, Neopelma, Piprites, Schifforni y Heterocercus.
It was Pipra who made men of us all, arriving with her uncle's hair tonic, which left us all sprouting thick wiry whiskers in all directions and from all pores.
Several elements of PIPRA are already under development.
In terms of fecal records containing plant seeds, Pipra clearly was the most abundant frugivore overall, accounting for 47% (438/929) of fruit records.
Motihari (Bihar), May 20 (ANI): Fourteen oil tankers of a goods train derailed and caught fire after Maoists blew up a railway line between Dighwara and Pipra stations in Bihar's West Champaran District, around 25 kilometers from Motihari early on Thursday morning.
The fraud came to light last month when he received a phone call from the Pipra Khurd branch of Punjab National Bank in the district.
Tenders are invited for Widening And Strengthening Of Padrauna Mansachappar Balkudia Pipra (Odr) Road Under Connecting Block Hq By Two Lane During Financial Year 2017-2018 ( Ch.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Interlocking In Village Pipra Jatam Pur Nauka Tola
Tenders are invited for Khand Pipra Me Badai Ka Purwa Pich Marg Tak Interlocking Karya
Tenders are invited for Pipra Ward Me Pakri Tola Ke Pass Samudayik Shauchaly Ka Nirman Kary 10 Shitar