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PIREPPilot (weather) Report
PIREPPacific Islands Renewable Energy Project
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In Curtis, an instructional flight, the accident airplane had received local icing PIREPS and had picked up ice on the previous approach.
No Pilot Reports (PIREPS) were available, but we were legal to fly.
PIREPS are important because pilots are often the only source of: (May have multiple answers.)
I liked leading from the front and being the pilot who provided PIREPs to others, so they could launch and get their X.
Had this been the first time PIREPs submitted to Flight Service weren't processed promptly, I would shrug my shoulders.
In the meantime, the FAA wants you to know that free Pirep training is available on the agency website FAASafety.gov.
The data stream also accommodates two-way electronic communications for touch-of-the-button in-flight PIREP submission, in addition to optimizing the search and rescue process when using portable tracking devices equipped with SOS alerting.
I then made my missed-approach call to tower and gave a quick PIREP (pilot "weather" report) that the fog tops were at 300 feet.
* "A single source of standardized guidance for pilot weather report (Pirep) reporting and coding, as well as weather assessment and classification criteria for low-level wind-shear, turbulence, and fair weather, can help reduce omissions and subjectivity errors in Pireps."
The weather was 1.000 Feet overcast, and the latest PIREP reported clear above 4,000 feet.