PIROPPacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy
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The PIROF-ISA was also seen as a 'living' document, requiring continual review and development of partnerships with all relevant stakeholders at international, regional, national and community levels, to ensure the sustainable use of the Pacific Ocean and its resources, as envisaged in the PIROP. However, the PIROP and PIROF-ISA suffered from a lack of mandated leadership on coordination, and an appropriate resourcing system.
The intent of the FPO was as a companion document to the PIROP, designed to catalyze action and political will to ensure the sustainable development, management and conservation of the diverse ocean and island ecosystems within the region.
The FPO sets out a vision, consistent with the PIROP, for "a secure future for Pacific Island Countries and Territories based on sustainable development, management and conservation of our Ocean" (Pratt and Govan, 41).