PIRPPGE (Prostaglandin E)-Inducible Regulatory Proteins
PIRPPoint and Insurance Reduction Program (New York State Department of Motor Vehicles)
PIRPProgram on Information Resources Policy (Harvard University)
PIRPPublic Information Retrieval Protocol
PIRPPersonality Integration Rehabilitation Program (Arizona)
PIRPPre Importation Review Program (US Customs)
PIRPPass In Review Practice
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Proctor division of Tower Group, (DEC's customs broker) with a certificate of appreciation for Tower's role in facilitating the PIRP processing of DEC's imports through their computer interface with Customs' computer system.
because of PIRP, we don't have to scrutinize every bit of cargo and accompanying documents each time Digital makes an import into the country.
In the first full month of importing under PIRP (in October of 1992), DEC realized a 10 percent increase in same-day cargo releases; today that rate continues to improve.
The program provides two pre-importation review approaches -- Pre-Classification and Pre-Approval -- allowing Customs to extend PIRP bn?
The benefits to participate in PIRP will be apparent," Banks said.