PIRSAPrimary Industries and Resources South Australia (South Australian government body)
PIRSAPerimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (physics seminar database)
PIRSAPassive Infrared Situation Awareness
PIRSAPrimary Industries and Resources South Africa
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Since viticulture is very much dependent upon the physical nature of the land and all the other relevant factors appeared either too homogeneous or poorly identified or difficult to identify, it seemed to the geographers that the PIRSA Land Systems should play a major role in defining the Coonawarra Region.
The transfer of the facility to Government means PIRSA can consolidate its services there while retaining its focus on research and teaching in the marine sector.
As part of Round Two, PIRSA staff will be visiting affected regions to meet with farmers individually to discuss the scheme eligibility and application process.
Mr Bignell said PIRSA was currently developing a future management strategy for the Mid North forests and the input of the Northern Forests Community Initiative Group and the Jamestown community was an important part of the process.
A time extension has been granted by PIRSA to complete the drilling programme later during 2011.
Ecological Sustainable Development risk assessment workshops were conducted by PIRSA with the industry as part of the development of the new management plan.
Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said the new White Hut Road site marked the next step in strengthening PIRSA s work in the Yorke and Mid North region.
Approval by PIRSA of Stage VI resource expansion drilling programme immediately west of Murphy South comprising 66 diamond holes totalling in excess of 25,000m.
Drilling will commence upon PIRSA approval of the Subsequent EL, expected in late March 2011.
Stage II drilling will be partly funded by the South Australian Government as part of the PACE Theme 2 - Drilling Collaboration between PIRSA and Industry.