PIRSAPrimary Industries and Resources South Australia (South Australian government body)
PIRSAPerimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (physics seminar database)
PIRSAPrimary Industries and Resources South Africa
PIRSAPassive Infrared Situation Awareness
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SAPA and PIRSA finally merged in 1983 to establish the Psychology Association of South Africa, open to all psychologists, but which was still white, and significantly Afrikaner-led!
En este sentido, se habla principalmente de resguardo porque en Riosucio existen cuatro: Canamomo y Lomaprieta; Nuestra Senora Candelaria de la Montana; Escopetera y Pirsa; San Lorenzo.
Utilization of conducting nanostructured polymers as well as choice of a suitable anion dopant type are among the key features of the research that has led to the accurate nanosensor which maintains favorable performance at low temperatures and offers a conveniently short response time," Sajjad Pirsa pointed out.
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) (2009) SA Drought E-News 2 July 2009.
En 1539 se establecio la Encomienda en el Territorio en el Gran Caldas conformada por los pueblos Pirsas y Guancuman.
Since viticulture is very much dependent upon the physical nature of the land and all the other relevant factors appeared either too homogeneous or poorly identified or difficult to identify, it seemed to the geographers that the PIRSA Land Systems should play a major role in defining the Coonawarra Region.
According to MML, "The most important and outstanding PIRSA finding is that the Hawks Nest area contains a potential resource of over 1,000 Mt of magnetite/haematite BIF (Banded Iron Formation) as well as 'pods' of high grade haematite ore.
Igor Tomaskovic (1,2,3), Sven Nikles (1), Ivan Pezelj (1), Miroslav Tomic (1,3), Ivan Svagusa (1), Matea Pirsa (1), Danijel Justinic (1), Igor Grubisic (1), Matej Knezevic (1), Borna Vrhovec (1), Alek Popovic (1), Ante Reljic (1), Borislav Spajic (1,3), Josip Katusic (1) and Boris Ruzic (1,3)
This study is part of the Thriving Abalone Project and was partially funded by the Functional Food Focus Program being conducted by SARDI as part of the PIRSA Agribusiness Accelerator Program (6251).
Como respuesta a este acontecimiento, el 2 de junio de 2008 los indigenas caldenses plasman su voz de lucha por medio de un manifiesto--que casi es un grito de ayuda para que les dejen vivir sus vidas en paz--, pidiendo por el derecho a permanecer en sus territorios, por la tranquilidad y seguridad de sus cuatro resguardos indigenas Embera Chami de la region: Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria, Canamomo Lomaprieta, Escopetera Pirsa y San Lorenzo.
- Drilling has commenced on the first 46 diamond drill holes approved by PIRSA.
A GRDC investment, PREDICTA B is a service provided by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), a division of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).