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PISAProgramme International pour le Suivi des Acquis des Élèves (French: Programme for International Student Assessment; various locations)
PISAProximal Isovelocity Surface Area (echocardiography)
PISAPrivacy Incorporated Software Agent (EU)
PISAProfessional Investigators and Security Association
PISAPrivate Investigators and Security Agencies (Canada)
PISAPortable Instruction Set Architecture (MIPS-like instruction set)
PISAPortable Information System Architecture
PISAPerspectives of Intelligent Systems' Assistance (workshop)
PISAPHENIX Integrated Simulation Package
PISAPolymorphic Instruction Set Architecture
PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
PISAPenang International Sports Arena
PISAProgram for International Student Assessment (US)
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Professor David Reynolds, who lives in South Wales and is based at the University of Southampton, has long argued the importance of Pisa and said the figures - published in a new study by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) - were stark.
Evidence of such meagre buy-in sparked fears that schools have yet to be convinced about the value of Pisa, with time running out ahead of the next tranche of tests in November.
Victoire Pisa returned to Japan at the end of the year but was unable to reproduce his early season form.
The representative national samples of 15-year-olds from these countries took the PISA 2012 test totaling about 510,000 students and representing about 28 million 15-year-olds globally.
PISA program is held once in three years with a focus on one of the areas: mathematical literacy, natural science, competence in reading.
PISA is an international assessment of 15-year-old students' reading, mathematics, and science literacy.
The implementation of the Common Core is likely to give the United States a boost in PISA scores because the new standards are aligned with the skills tested by the international exam, says David Griffith, ASCD director of public policy.
Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed desired that PISA team having required skill sets and experience must come forward and play its due roll in implementing global best practices to protect the Cyber Space as per International standards.
Day 4: Explore the wine estates in the Pisa hills by signing on for a wine tour.
Located in western Tuscany, it can date its history back 3,000 years to when it was just a seaside settlement and is full of beautiful buildings dating back centuries, which help Pisa maintain its medieval appearance.
Manami Ichikawa, daughter of owner Yoshimi Ichikawa, was practically hysterical as she watched the big screen from the parade ring and saw Victoire Pisa gradually rein in the front-running Transcend, but when she had composed herself a little her first words were: "This day is for Japan and for all of the Japanese people.