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PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
PISAProgram for International Student Assessment (US)
PISAPenang International Sports Arena
PISAProgrammable Intelligent Services Accelerator
PISAProgramme International pour le Suivi des Acquis des Élèves (French: Programme for International Student Assessment; various locations)
PISAProximal Isovelocity Surface Area (echocardiography)
PISAPrivacy Incorporated Software Agent (EU)
PISAProfessional Investigators and Security Association
PISAPrivate Investigators and Security Agencies (Canada)
PISAPortable Instruction Set Architecture (MIPS-like instruction set)
PISAPortable Information System Architecture
PISAPerspectives of Intelligent Systems' Assistance (workshop)
PISAPHENIX Integrated Simulation Package
PISAPolymorphic Instruction Set Architecture
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The acquisition of the 161-bed Hostel Pisa is part of the Group's strategy to establish a pan-European network of premium hostels, located in popular tourist cities.
PISA - Programme for International Student Assessment is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment.
a) first of all, PISA is based on the assessment of skills and not of the curriculum in different societies, which can lead to the achievement of those international rankings and comparative analyses between education systems; b) secondly, by conducting inquiries every three years, PISA offers a guarantee of the "periodicity of the tests and of the diachronic coherence" (Bottani, 2006: 10-11) and c) thirdly, the PISA assessment is based only on 3 areas of competence, and on a well-defined sample (15-year-old pupils).
The medieval tower, a symbol of the power of the maritime republic of Pisa in the Middle Ages, has leaned to one side ever since building started in 1173.
Pisa results are widely seen as a gauge for how well Wales' diverging education system is performing.
However, Zhao's argument relies far too much on anecdotal evidence and self-reported data, and it doesn't hold up to careful analysis of results from PISA and other international assessments.
IbrakoviA, who is the head of the Sarajevo regional unit, that is conducting PISA 2018 surveys in BiH, has especially emphasized that BiH will for the first time take part in PISA testing this year and that this is a great opportunity for our country.
Schools in Scotland, Australia and Canada are among those that will take the new Pisa global competence test later this year.
In 2014, the Welsh Government dropped the target to be in the top 20 Pisa nations, replacing it with a less ambitious target of achieving a score of 500 in each domain of Pisa by 2021.
Aside from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Tuscan city was home to about 20 historic churches.
Lola Pisa would coax my mother to play on the piano, which was so old it sounded like a harpsichord.