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PISAProgramme International pour le Suivi des Acquis des Élèves (French: Programme for International Student Assessment; various locations)
PISAProximal Isovelocity Surface Area (echocardiography)
PISAPrivacy Incorporated Software Agent (EU)
PISAProfessional Investigators and Security Association
PISAPrivate Investigators and Security Agencies (Canada)
PISAPortable Instruction Set Architecture (MIPS-like instruction set)
PISAPortable Information System Architecture
PISAPerspectives of Intelligent Systems' Assistance (workshop)
PISAPHENIX Integrated Simulation Package
PISAPolymorphic Instruction Set Architecture
PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
PISAPenang International Sports Arena
PISAProgram for International Student Assessment (US)
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IbrakoviA pointed to the fact that participation in international studies is very expensive and that BiH's participation in PISA 2018 was funded by the European Union Delegation to BiH and that without support from the OSCE and UNICEF it would certainly be impossible to carry out this study.
The perception of Pisa as a useful benchmarking tool is variable across the country and large swathes of the teaching profession remain unconvinced by its value.
In 2014, the Welsh Government dropped the target to be in the top 20 Pisa nations, replacing it with a less ambitious target of achieving a score of 500 in each domain of Pisa by 2021.
Aside from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Tuscan city was home to about 20 historic churches.
Lola Pisa would coax my mother to play on the piano, which was so old it sounded like a harpsichord.
The addition of Pisa to Qatar Airways Italian network on 2 August comes less than 12 months after the airline significantly increased capacity from Rome, Milan and Venice.
Victoire Pisa returned to Japan at the end of the year but was unable to reproduce his early season form.
The representative national samples of 15-year-olds from these countries took the PISA 2012 test totaling about 510,000 students and representing about 28 million 15-year-olds globally.
OECD and individual countries use the PISA results to inform education policy, usually at the national or education system level, and researchers use results to understand correlates of achievement.
This means that when searching for PISA impact it is assumed that there has been some impact.
PISA program is held once in three years with a focus on one of the areas: mathematical literacy, natural science, competence in reading.
Of course, PISA has only been producing such reports for youth since 1997.