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PISCOPartnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans
PISCOPrecursory quake-Information System by Citizen's Observation
PISCOParallel Imager for Southern Cosmological Observations (astronomical instrumentation)
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Interest in the South American brandy Pisco has risen in tandem with the prominence of Peruvian cuisine in the U.
Necropsies were performed on fresh individuals in Category 2 and esophagus and stomachs were retrieved and immediately transported to the IMARPE regional laboratory in Pisco to analyze contents to determine diet composition.
The service at Brasa & Pisco is prompt and affable, and the ambiance is casual with cloth napkins but bare wood tables.
As another round of pisco cocktails was served to a nearby table, Yasmina commented that "many people asked us about pisco and why we took the risk to import it, and the thing is pisco is so versatile and at the same time very strong [it has a 42.
It's a trade-off that allows the Piscos to focus on slow, deliberate growth for their business while maintaining its affordability.
Pisco profiles vary, just as the flavors of the grape varieties used do.
The second stage speed of Pisco Flow Controllers provides a cushion and reduces the speed at the end of the stroke, consequently lessening shock by up to 1/9 while retaining the same cycle time.
Its fully-stocked 'Pisco' Bar and Lounge includes the largest infused pisco selection with over 25 homemade infusions of Pisco in a variety of flavours such as mango, pineapple, pear, strawberry, passion fruit and raspberry; prepared in traditional glass, pisco jars.
650 millones para implementar cuatro proyectos de irrigacion en Ica, con la participacion de una empresa privada, bajo el modelo de una asociacion publico-privada: la represa del Tambo, el canal Ingahuasi (que recolectaria mas agua de Huancavelica para llevarla a Ica), los excedentes del Villo Pisco y el canal de Lanchas.
Japanese for 'green', Midori combines the sweet, fragrant taste of melons with seeded melons and this Japanese big-hitter can really be appreciated in flaming concoctions fired by Pisco, a South American grape brandy.
bartenders to serve as official pisco ambassadors for the grape brandy.