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PISEProduction Integrated Systems Engineering
PISEPneumatically Impacted Stabilized Earth (construction method)
PISEPlasma and Ion Surface Engineering
PISEProgramme d'Investissement du Secteur de l'Education (French: Investment Program of the Education Sector; Mali)
PISEProfessional Issues in Software Engineering
PISEPartnership to Improve Science Education (Connecticut)
PISEParent Involvement Schools of Excellence
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U sljedecim dijelovima prvoga potpoglavlja autorica podrobnije pise o pojedinim etapama leksikografske obrade frazema.
Most of the buildings are of pise, rammed earth mixed with lime and short lengths of straw.
We're discussing pise--several forlorn and crumbling pise houses adjoin the agadir--and its fading relevance in what is among the hottest parts of Morocco.
Entonces, no hay que permitir que el bus pare en todas partes, que el colector ande colgando del autobus, que la gente se trague el semaforo, que la gente pise el paso peatonal.
Respecto a los sindromes psicoticos en la epilepsia, ha sido indiscutible el interes que ha generado en los investigadores la epilepsia del lobulo temporal (ELT) y los cuadros denominados psicosis interictal semejante a la esquizofrenia (PISE) (que pueden incluirla), pero es claro que el espectro clinico de las psicosis epilepticas no esta restringido a aquella condicion, y que visto en conjunto es mucho mas complejo y heterogeneo (2).
En el pise de exhibicion se venden computadoras o cartuchos, pero en el resto del edificio tenemos soluciones montadas como plotters, workstations, portatiles, PCs.
These include adobe [mud bricks], pise [rammed earth in formwork], cob [clay, sand and straw] and infill [earth compacted in timber or steel frames].
(2.) Janodia MD, Sreedhar D, Ligade VS, Pise AG, Udupa N.
Tokushukai & Pise, a Tokushukai group company, and OTC will own 70% and 30%, respectively, of the new company.
I will put two minse pise on a nice plate and a glass of wine for Father Christmas.
Notable in this work are prominent pastors, including Charles Constantine Pise (earlier the first Catholic chaplain of the U.S.