PISECProduct and Image Security Convention
PISECPremium Information Systems Education & Consulting (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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Using prior research and the results of their interviews, PISEC researchers created a list of seven characteristics of family-friendly exhibits to incorporate into their museums and test further.
A decade after PISEC, Ellenbogen and colleagues (2004) examined literature on family learning in and from museums and related settings written between the mid-1990s and 2004.
Buzz Carter, director of IDEX Exhibitions, says, "The original planned two-day PISEC conference, exhibition and workshop event, which was to be held in Athens, is being postponed to a new date and venue in 2010 or 2011 when the global economy is expected to be more favorable to a major international conference of speakers, exhibitors and delegates.
We are extremely honored to receive this PISEC 06 award that recognizes innovation and excellence in the authentication industry," stated Jamie Assaf, General Manager for InkSure Inc.
Organized by PISEC '07, the anti-counterfeiting forum on brand, product and document protection.
InkSure has a proven track record of implementing successful systems and is the winner of the 2000 Product & Image Security Award for Outstanding Achievement in Product and Document Authentication and the 2003 PISEC High Commendation for Outstanding Achievement in Automatic Authentication Systems for High Speed Processing.
20-22 PISEC 03 Marriott Prague Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.
The award was presented by the Product and Image Security Foundation, during the 5th World PISEC Convention held in Prague in October.
This is the second time InkSure's technology is acknowledged for its innovation -- the first generation of InkSure's machine readable solutions received the PISEC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Product and Document Authentication upon its release in the year 2000.
InkSure received the international PISEC 2000 (Product & Image Security) Award for the Company's outstanding development and implementation of its security technology.
The features of tamper evidence need to be constantly modified to keep abreast of ever changing threats," said Mike Fairley, a session chairman at the PISEC conference.