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PISOParallel In, Serial Out
PISOProcess Improvement for Strategic Objectives (University of Sunderland)
PISOPhilippine Internet Services Organization
PISOParallel Input Serial Output
PISOPacific Islands Support Office (US NPS; Honolulu, HI)
PISOPressure-Implicit Split-Operator (computational fluid dynamics)
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Sexto Piso, which exports to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Central America, started out publishing 18 titles in Spain, including Franz Kafka and Milorad Pavic, and hopes to add another 18 books to its list by 2007.
The ease with which the Epicurean pursuit of tranquillity could be elided with the hedonistic indulgence of the senses was exploited by Cicero in a speech against Piso, his personal enemy.
Un radiologo maxilofacial previamente calibrado, realizo las mediciones de las distancias utilizando siempre el eje central radicular desde los apices radiculares de los primeros molares superiores al piso del seno maxilar, mediante las herramientas que entrega el software de visualizacion multiplanar del diente en estudio (MPR) con un espesor de corte de 0,5 mm, herramientas de zoom, mediciones 1 a 1 y reconstrucciones tridimensionales.
Segarra's return to Puerto Rico in 2009, and the launching of PISO proyecto two years later, coincided with a crucial social, political and economic juncture in the history of the island.
It is addressed to Piso, who had read about the drug, and seen its miraculous effects on his favorite son after a riding accident.
Making her debut in this class was Cara Mattius astride the lovely Boeing, along with Melanie Spink riding Rio for the first time in a competition, Ward Mohamed with Piso and Anne Dunlop riding Darius all made double clears and certainly went home smiling.