PISQPoligono Interforze di Salto di Quirra
PISQPhilippine International School Qatar
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The transition to PISQ was also made possible through the assistance of AIS parent-teacher association president Joseph Rivera, Iyas said.
Ambassador Relacion said that vacant classrooms in PISQ could accommodate around 300 students, but the SEC restrictions on enrolment had complicated matters.
s 2004 study demonstrated cross-cultural validity of the PISQ.
The terminology used in the PISQ was modified to be hockey specific for the purposes of this study.
Parent level of involvement is presented using the three scales of the PISQ (directive behavior, praise and understanding and active involvement) and includes mothers' and fathers' level of involvement collectively.
A significant difference was found between the athletes' perceptions of their parent's actual and desired levels in all three scales of the PISQ.
In addition, the youth hockey athletes were dissatisfied with their parent's level of involvement on all of the subscales of the PISQ (i.
Comparisons between the continuous secondary outcomes (PFDI, PRO, PISQ, and SF-36) between groups will be made with appropriate parametric and non parametric testing.
Talking to Qatar Tribune on Monday, she said, "The 10 years of PISQ is marked with several developments.
PISQ currently has about 1,256 students, reflecting about 10 percent increase in the number of enrollees annually.
Mendoza added that the management of PISQ was pursuing its plan of offering college courses.
PISQ Principal Luisa Mendoza said that they so far they had received consent forms from 500 of their students, half of the total students on the school's rolls, despite the deadline for the return of the forms being on Tuesday itself.