PISRPakistan International School, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
PISRPCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) In Status Register
PISRPiano Integrato Sociale Regionale (Italian: Integrated Regional Social Plan; Tuscany, Italy)
PISRPlaced in Service Report
PISRPre-Inspection Statistical Report (UK)
PISRPersistent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
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We, therefore, expect the complex interactions of (1) climatic factors such as rain and temperature represented by altitude, (2) factors representing water accumulation and discharge such as slope, KRAA, KRAS, SWI, and TRI, and (3) factors influencing the drying mechanisms such as wind effect, PISR, and relative slope position, represented by normalised height and valley depth to determine the spatial water stagnation pattern.
This indicates that it is the complex pattern of climate (altitude, PISR), water accumulation (curvature, convergence, KRAA), water discharge (slope, KRAS), the insulating effect of the heterogeneous geomorphology with the ridge-side valley structure in particular (TRI, normalised height, valley depth), and the wind effect (wind effect, aspect) which lead to the distribution pattern of stagnic soil properties within the investigation area.
Accordingly, apart from prediction parameters indicating rainfall (altitude) soil water accumulation (plan curvature, KRAA, SWI, TRI) and water discharge (slope), solar radiation (PISR) and wind effect are also important.
PISR Chairman Asad said the panel was now composed of five members, including himself.
He also thanked all doctors and volunteers for their support including Nadir Alam, PISR principal, who extended all support to make the camp successful.
Referring to the Pakistan International School Riyadh (PISR), Karimullah said, "PISR has become the first embassy-run school out of several dozens foreign schools in the capital city to own a building in its name.
Atiya Hoshyar, a 10th grade student, collapsed in the Girls Section of the Pakistan International School, Riyadh (PISR) on Friday evening.
"But the news of the death was not made public by Mamoona," said a teacher who didn't want to be named in the newspaper, referring to PISR Vice Principal Mamoona Ahmed.
Mamoona was not available for comment, but Nadir Alam, PISR principal, said the school acted responsibly, even meeting with the girl's parents on Friday night.
Chaudhury Rahat Khan, secretary-general of the PISR board of directors, also rejected any allegations of negligence or mismanagement.