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PISTPercentage of Inspection Points Satisfying Tolerance (various companies)
PISTPittsburgh Intercollegiate Snowboard Team (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
PISTPost Independence Survivors' Trust (Zimbabwe)
PISTPrévention Information Sida Toxicomanie
PISTPercent Inspection Points That Satisfy Tolerance
PISTPeriodic Inverse Scattering Transform (physics)
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From January 2002 to June 2016, 78 consecutive patients diagnosed with PIST underwent surgery in our center, 51 of these patients were retrospectively analyzed.
The results appear inconclusive and point to the fact that inadequate empirical evidence exists to support the belief that professionally trained counselors and thera pists are more effective than paraprofessionals (Hanna et al.
But Brian refused to be confined to a wheelchair and battled hard with physiothera pists and speech therapists to learn how to walk and talk again.
THE Sharia law that fanatics yearn to see in Britain allows killers and ra pists to be beheaded and adulterers stoned to death.