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PISTOLPaperless Information System Totally On-Line (St. Petersburg Florida Police Department)
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The highwayman then threatened, if he did not deliver the bank-note that moment, he must shoot him; holding his pistol at the same time very near to his breast.
Indeed, sir," says he, "I could have had no intention to shoot you; for you will find the pistol was not loaded.
Take your pistols, and at the word thwee begin to advance.
D'Arnot tried to argue him out of it, but without avail, so pistols it was.
D'Arnot and Monsieur Flaubert had examined both pistols.
The doctor waved his pistol in the air contemptuously.
He pointed with the pistol to a bell-handle behind me.
D'Artagnan, drunk with despair, hurled his pistol to the ground.
D'Artagnan, quite in despair, seized his second pistol, and cocked it.
He was smallish in stature, but well set and as nimble as a goat; his face was of a good open expression, but sunburnt very dark, and heavily freckled and pitted with the small-pox; his eyes were unusually light and had a kind of dancing madness in them, that was both engaging and alarming; and when he took off his great-coat, he laid a pair of fine silver-mounted pistols on the table, and I saw that he was belted with a great sword.
If any one had said to your father, at the moment he raised the pistol to his head -- if any one had told me, when in my prison I pushed back the food I had not tasted for three days -- if anyone had said to either of us then, `Live -- the day will come when you will be happy, and will bless life
Handing one of the pistols to Raoul, he added, "In this duel, we shall be two to one; but you must be prepared for everything, for we shall be fighting the most terrible adversary that you can imagine.