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PISTONPinag-Isang Samahan Ng Tsuper At Operators Nationwide
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Mahle, a development partner and supplier to the automotive industry, has developed a new production process involving laser welding that will enable steel pistons to be used in the diesel engines of cars.
Caption: The typical steel piston for a hydraulic accumulator in a dual-dutch transmission (left) and an injection molded thermoset piston (right).
To improve a quality of swash plate machines design and to meet the requirements been said, it is expediently to reduce friction forces between a piston and a cylindrical bore.
Most of the researchers mainly improve the service life of piston through structural design, shape selection, and material usage [1, 2].
Singhi is responsible for operating and financial matters at all of the Piston Group's four companies.
Spring piston airguns have no valves or other complex parts to do their jobs--just a piston that compresses a small amount of air.
The piston top was coated with first layer Cr3C2of thickness 125 microns and PSZrO2(second layer of thickness 125 microns with bonding material.
Bulk activation and surface layer activation methodologies were utilized to generate isotopes in the piston rings and liners respectively.
and Hrdina, D., "New MAHLE Steel Piston and Pin Coating System for Reduced TCO of CV Engines," SAE Int.
About a dozen pieces of what appeared to be piston ring pieces were removed.