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PITAPain In the Ass
PITAPlug in the Answer (math strategy)
PITAPci Interface for Telephony Applications
PITAPennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development)
PITAPaper Industry Technical Association (UK)
PITAPacific Islands Telecommunications Association
PITAPalestinian Information Technology Association
PITAPacific International Trapshooting Association
PITAPrevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (India)
PITAPipeline Integrity Technology Associates
PITAPoint-in-time Architecture
PITAParanormal Investigation Team of Atlanta (Georgia)
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Transfer patties to paper towel-lined plate, cover loosely with foil, and let sit while heating pitas.
When help arrived, Pita was drifting in and out of consciousness and suffering hypothermia.
These meats (P249-P369) come with a choice of hummus and pita, or fragrant Mediterranean rice-which we love, of course.
The recalled pita chips were packaged in 7-1/3-ounce bags and could result in a milk sensitivity or life-threatening allergic reaction if consumed.
Pita fue candil de la calle, centro del desplante femenino en un mundo regido por los hombres, y fue tambien Amor y obscuridad de su casa y por su casta.
"The more support you need, the more overhead you need." The other aspect is the repetitive motion involved in stacking the pita. And, another consideration is food safety, with operators having to handle every product.
Pita and Brew is operated by the airport's catering partner SSP and the produce is freshly made each day in the kitchen it shares with the Cabin restaurant bar.
While Pita Pit is popular in Canada, there are just 600 locations around the world, Dave Savage said.
The Panasonic Stingray III is covered by a warranty, providing worry-free operation for Pita Pit franchisees.
El libro de Alexandra Pita consta de siete capitulos, una introduccion y conclusiones, ademas de siete anexos de enorme valor explicativo y practico, una concentracion de fuentes y un indice onomastico.
In it, we see Katniss in various situations in the film, calling on "Peeta" and instead being presented with a delicious looking pita bread sandwich.