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PITCHProperty Income Trust for Charities (UK)
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So the lazy girl had to go home covered with pitch, and the cock on the well called out as she saw her:
But, try what she would, she could not get the pitch off and it stuck to her as long as she lived.
said Zarathustra, laughing; "verily I reviled when I spake of pitch.
The wind smote the schooner with a sudden gust, and she heeled over till her lee rail was buried, the roar in her rigging rising in pitch to a shriek.
Salters, you pitch your fish in naow at once," he said in the tone of authority.
You pitch to dad an' Tom Platt down the hatch, an' take keer Uncle Salters don't cut yer eye out," said Dan, swinging himself into the hold.
Eudoxy ain't comin'; now for massy's sake, Rebecca, do git ahead of Mis' Deacon Milliken and pitch real low.
On the second day of their descent, the travellers, having got beyond the steepest pitch of the mountains, came to where the deep and rugged ravine began occasionally to expand into small levels or valleys, and the stream to assume for short intervals a more peaceful character.
For that matter, Fisk's home run came with the score tied in the bottom of the twelfth inning; only the Red Sox could have won the game on that pitch.
Don't fear getting behind in the count; be patient, and when you get your pitch, rip it and clear the bases.
When I relayed Pedro's words to Greg, he returned the compliment: ``Pedro doesn't have to pitch, but he does.
Then as a class, listen to the pitch of each instrument and try to group ones with a similar range together.