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In the adaptation we discuss below, a PITP program became the model for a course at a local college The PITP host institution for "Fire Island to Ellis Island" is LIU, a mid-size private university with an urban (Brooklyn) and suburban (Post) campus in close proximity to a variety of NPS sites.
His revelation about how PITP can teach students to see even familiar landscapes with new vision ultimately gave Nolan an idea about offering a course for her Brooklyn students based on this quite local adventure that included many sites within commuting distance of St.
In the "Fire Island to Ellis Island" PITP program, the NPS sites range from National Seashore to urban monuments and museums, and, although they may seem disparate, the two lenses through which we study this environment--water as a factor of local habitats and immigration as the historical essence of New York--are intimately related New York is a city of islands stretching from Brooklyn and Queens to Montauk Point at the tip of Long Island; it is a landscape surrounded by water and deeply connected to the fishing and shipping industries and the port of New York.
Superintendent Tom Ross has been eager to host PITP, and on our last visit we were treated to a meeting with the architect in charge of the current restoration, a major NPS project that will take several years.
The PITP committee recommends that, before hosting a PITP program, faculty should first take part in one as a learning experience.
As a participant in "Fire Island to Ellis Island," Nolan observed the structure of a program that moved from site to site on a daily basis, which is not typical of most PITP programs, and we shifted from NPS recreational park sites on Long Island to New York City sites that illustrated the National Park Service involvement in monuments and museums.
Unlike many of the PITP adventures, the New York experience is not strictly about nature.
From her perspective, "Ryan's maturity, his parents' participation, ability to communicate and to front end the finances, the students' support for the decision which allowed Ryan to focus on his health and not feel pulled by allegiances to stay with the group," as well as the collaboration of PITP leaders, were "equal measure ingredients for success" in this case.
During the four years that PITP has taken students on adventures in the national parks, rangers have played critical roles as mentors and guides.
Flick said there, are two, reasons why PITP will be successful in the six cities.
PITP started in 1998 as a response to increasing technology needs in New York City's public schools, Bergen said.
While students attending a PITP program attend a variety of two- and fouryear colleges around the country, students in the St.