PITRPain in the Rear
PITRPoint in Time Recovery
PITRParent in the Room (internet chat)
PITRPlasma Iron Turnover Rate
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ALCA: Vegetacion de suelos alcalinos; BTCA: Bosque tropical caducifolio; BTPE: Bosque Tropical Perennifolio; BTSP: Bosque Tropical Semiperennifolio; CHAP: Chaparral; DEAF: Desierto Arbosufrutescente; DECR: Desierto Crasicaulescente; DEMI: Desierto Microfilo; DESA: Desierto Sarcocaulescente; ENCA: Encinar Caducifolio Tropical; ENPE: Encinar Perennifolio Mediterraneo; MACO: Matorral Costero; MAES/BOES: Matorral y Bosque Espinosos; MANG: Manglar; MESQ: Mezquital; PALM: Palmar; PIME: Pinar Mediterraneo; PITR: Pinar Tropical.
In the period of the grhya sutras the idea was introduced that after a man dies his spirit becomes a preta (a ghost or harmful spirit) and that the preta could not become a pitr (a father, a friendly ancestor) until the Sraddha rites were performed.
His investigation uses an all-inclusive term "spirit-deities" for beings such as yaksas, nagas, guhyakas, bhutas, pretas, gandharvas, pitrs, kumbhandas, pisacas, vrksadevatas (rukkhadevatas), vetalas, mahoragas, devaputras, vidyadharas, kimpurusas.
The tantras of Vajrabhairava, one of the Buddhist tantric Yamantaka deities, belong to the "father" (pitr) type of the anuttarayogatantra (rnal 'byor bla med rgyud) which, together with the kriyatantra, the caryatantra, and the yogatantra, constitute the four categories of "Esoteric Buddhism."
"On the 11th day of 'Pitr Paksha' (a fortnight during which Hindus remember and honour their ancestors), we are praying to Ravana and his entire family.
In reality the Harivamsa passage is intended as a pitrkalpa, "qui porte sur le culte des Pi tr, les ancetres pour qui les rites postfuneraires, les sraddha, ont ete fidelement et correctement accomplis par les fils et qui ont pu ainsi acceder au statut de Pitr" (p.
In the case of the KP the main novelty is the enhanced role and power of the pitr: "la conciliation reside dans l'exaltation du role des Pitr dans le dharma de la liberation, intervention que l'on rattache soigneusement a la tradition la plus lointaine, une tradition qui fait autorite" (p.
According to many texts (MDS III.272, GDS 15.15, ApDS II.17.1, ViSmr 80.14, Yajn 1.259, MBh XIII.88.10), it is the best food to serve at a sraddha dinner, the ceremony in honor of the ancestors (pitr), and satisfies them longer than other dishes, indeed endlessly.
According to traditional belief, the eldest son of a family performs the Pind Dn and pays homage to their ancestors (Pitrs).
According to traditional beliefs, the eldest son of a family performs Pind Daan and pays homage to their ancestors (Pitrs), especially through food offerings.
According to traditional beliefs, the eldest son of a family performs Pind Daan and pays homage to his ancestors (Pitrs), especially through food offerings.