PITX2Paired-Like Homeodomain Transcription Factor 2
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We also analyzed various mutations in genes that were shown to be linked to the ocular anomaly of Peters' syndrome or involved in eye development (PAX6, PITX2, PITX3, CYP1B1, FKHL7), and no mutations were observed in these genes either.
Oas et al., "Functional interactions between FOXC1 and PITX2 underlie the sensitivity to FOXC1 gene dose in Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome and anterior segment dysgenesis," Human Molecular Genetics, vol.
Morikawa et al., "Pitx2 promotes heart repair by activating the antioxidant response after cardiac injury," Nature, vol.
On the other hand, TBX1 induces the proliferation of incisor epithelial cells by inhibiting the transcriptional activity of PITX2, which in turn supports the expression pattern of p21, a cell cycling inhibitor [132].
An initial project is to develop and market PITX2 as a marker to predict effectiveness of anthracycline treatment in triple negative and other high-risk breast cancer patients.
Pitx2, a [beta]-catenin-regulated transcription factor, regulates the differentiation of outer root sheath cells cultured in vitro.
The Nodal signaling pathway downstream transcription target pitx2 has been found to be involved in determination of left-right (L-R) asymmetry in the mouse, chick and Xenopus embryos.
Genetic variants and effects on milk traits of the caprine paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 2 (PITX2) gene in dairy goats.
A genetic origin for SR is supported by ablation studies for genes tranforming growth factor (TGF)-[beta]2-[beta]3 (Dunker and Krieglstein, 2002) and Pitx2 (Kitamura et al., 1999).
(ii) Peters syndrome caused by mutations involving PAX6, PITX2, CYP1B1, or FOXC1 genes.