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PIUSProcess Inherent Ultimate Safety
PIUSProtein Controlling Urease Synthesis (molecular biology)
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Pius V Catholic Cemetery Fund would be appreciated.
Pius was ordained a Dominican priest in 1528, elected bishop in 1556, and cardinal in 1557.
"Congratulations!" Pius sent me an SMS as soon as we got the approval.
However, Catholic leaders have pointed to certain actions taken by Pius and other Catholic clergy in assisting European Jews as evidence of efforts that were made at the time.
Cessario argues that Pius IX decided the case in accordance with what Canon and civil law required in the Papal states of the late 1850s.
But Pius's canny meditation on media manipulation and power--the secret sauce of the Catholic Church, whose capacity to inspire through gilded awe spans the centuries--is but the opening salvo in this program's satirical assault on a fraught political landscape deeply resonant with our own.
Unfortunately, amateur historians have dominated much of the debate around the role of Pius XII.
Many historians of the last century painted a picture of Pius as a backward-looking idealist, a defender of the universal powers of papacy and empire whose pet project, the crusade against the Turks, was a naive attempt to revive a dying medieval concept.
The son of a senior Vatican official said the Nazi tyrant was worried Pius could become a liability if the Allies seized Rome, which surrounded the Vatican and was under German occupation in 1943.
Critique: A truly riveting read from first page to last, "A Pius Man" offers a suspense thriller replete with unexpected twists and surprising turns.
Ventresca seeks to provide a balanced and comprehensive assessment of Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli).
Carl Speight of Morrisons serves up breakfast for the youngsters of St Pius Primary School in Middlesbrough ?