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PIVPersonal Identity Verification (FIPS 201)
PIVPentium 4
PIVParticle Image Velocimetry
PIVPersonal Identification Verification
PIVPeak Inverse Voltage
PIVPeripheral IV
PIVPhase IV (clinical studies)
PIVPost Indicator Valve (firefighting)
PIVPhysical Inventory Verification
PIVPowered Industrial Vehicle
PIVPositively Infinitely Variable (type of gearbox)
PIVpositive input ventilation
PIVPost Implementation Verification
PIVPropellant Isolation Valve
PIVPontoon Implantment Vehicle
PIVPre-Inventory Visit
PIVProduct Improvement Verification
PIVPressure-Indicating Valve
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Each PIV investigation include 30 pairs of high speed images with 250 us time step.
A unique feature of PIV in this study is that the particles and plastic must be mixed in the solid state.
The Frame Straddling mode is used when PIV images are acquired for the actual flow field measurements.
We used this ELISA to assess the clinical relevance of PIV exposure and seroconversion in bottlenose dolphins living along US coasts.
This slip velocity principally determines the uncertainty of PIV measurements.
Most of all, I learned that an automated PIV system would be extremely valuable for future wind tunnel designs and experiments.
Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget's Alex Conant says that the PIV program "is on course for a successful implementation.
The objective of this study is to use PIV data to evaluate the applicability of three-dimensional RNG k-[epsilon] models for indoor airflow of animal buildings with different inlet Reynolds numbers.
The PIV standards are getting high marks from industry groups, in part because NIST has met with industry representatives about the standards on numerous occasions since last year, says Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance.
At the same time, the inherent weaknesses of aerodynamic studies using wind tunnels, PIV, and CFD can be overcome by field experiments.
A certified PIV and PIV-I provider, XTec has provided HSPD-12 and identity management products and services to federal clients for nearly two decades.
Tactivo supports US smart card credentials including CAC, PIV, PIV-I, TWIC, and the Precise Match-on-Card/ credentials used in many national ID programs.