PIV3Parainfluenza Virus Type 3
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Today, there are no approved vaccines to prevent RSV, hMPV, or PIV3 -- three viruses responsible for extensive respiratory illness, and even death, in young children," said Richard Spaete, Ph.
The Journal of Virology study showed that a combination of the bovine and human versions of PIV3 could be successfully constructed as a carrier to induce a protective immune response against PIV3 and either RSV or hMPV.
MedImmune is now conducting additional preclinical studies to further evaluate the safety and efficacy of live, attenuated intranasal vaccine candidates targeting a combination of PIV3 and RSV or PIV3 and hMPV.
Preventing serious respiratory infections caused by RSV, PIV3 and hMPV would have a significant, positive impact on public health.
TtPIV-1 is a novel virus most closely related to bovine PIV3 (BPIV-3) (4), and attenuated BPIV-3 has been demonstrated as a safe and effective vaccine against human PIV3 (HPIV-3) in human populations (34,35).
Antibody response to bovine parainfluenza virus type 3 (PIV3) vaccination and human PIV3 infection in young adults.
RT-PCR was the most sensitive diagnostic method, identifying a likely causal agent in 21 (41%) suspect SARS patients (influenza A [10 patients], HMPV [4 patients], picornavirus [4 patients], influenza B [1 patient], RSV [1 patient], and PIV3 [1 patient]) and 6 (32%) probable SARS patients (influenza A [4 patients] and HMPV [2 patients]).