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PIVKAProtein Induced in Vitamin K Absence or Antagonism
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(3) (DCP) or (descarboxyprothrombin) or (des gamma-carboxy prothrombin) or (des-gammacarboxy prothrombin) or (des-gamma-carboxyprothrombin) or (decarboxyprothrombin) or (non-carboxylated factor II) or (PIVKA II) or (PIVKA-II) or (protein induced by vitamin K absence or antagonist-II) or (acarboxyl prothrombin) or (decarboxylated prothrombin) or (protein induced by vitamin K absence or antagonists) or (PIVKA) or (prothrombin precursor) or (Isoprothrombin) or (des y-carboxy prothrombin) or (des-y-carboxy prothrombin) or (des-y-carboxyprothrombin)
(18) Otto von Pivka, The Portuguese Army of the Napoleonic Wars (London: Osprey Publishing, 1977).
The problem results from the growth of the unavoidable contemporary narrow specialization on one hand, and from the equally unavoidable capacity to make the least possible amount/impact of crucial oversights caused by reduction and reductionism applied by specialists, unavoidably (Mulej, 1974; Mueller-Merbach, 1992; Hofkirchner and Elohim, 2001; Troncale, 2002; Ackoff and Rovin, 2003; Eriksson, 2003; Jackson, 2003; Korn, 2003; Warfield, 2003; Mulej and Potocan, 2004; Pivka and Mulej, 2004; Bailey, 2005; Wilby, 2005; Wilby and Allen, 2005; Gregory, 2006; Gu and Tang, 2004, etc.).
From impermeable flysch of Pivka basin the river Pivka sinks to the cave and comes out as a spring of Unica River in Planina cave.
The European Commission has opened two in-depth investigations into aid to Javor Pivka and Novoles Stra a, two Slovenian companies manufacturing semi-finished wood products and furniture.
However, some micronutrient deficiencies were detected, namely suboptimal plasma antioxidant capacity (range 1.0 to 4.5 mmol/L), elevated PIVKA II (range 0.23 to 4.84 ng/mL) and elevated Hcys (range 3.2 to 141.6 [micro]mol/L), which are indicative of antioxidant nutrients (vitamins, minerals and endogenous non-food derived antioxidants), vitamin K and folic acid status, respectively.
Immunoassays are available to measure "proteins induced by vitamin K antagonists (PIVKA)", the most common measuring des-[gamma]-carboxy prothrombin (102).
von Pivka Navies of the Napoleonic Era (David & Charles, 1980).
Has the best form on offer in what is probably a poor maiden, having chased home impressive subsequent winner Pivka at Lingfield last time out
LEICESTER: 2.10 Burgundy Ice, 2.40 Flying Flute, 3.10 Alcalde (nap), 3.40 Near The Front, 4.10 Kossack, 4.40 Melt, 5.10 July Jasmine, 5.40 Pivka.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Burgundy Ice, 2.40 Flying Flute, 3.10 Alcalde, 3.40 Near The Front, 4.10 Kossack (nap), 4.40 Melt, 5.10 July Jasmine, 5.40 Pivka.