PIVKA-IIProthrombin Induced by Vitamin K Absence or Antagonist-II
PIVKA-IIProtein Induced Vitamin K Absence or Antagonist II
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Effects of oral and intramuscular vitamin K prophylaxis on vitamin KI, PIVKA-II, and clotting factors in breast fed infants.
De-carboxy prothrombin or PIVKA-II (Protein Induced in Vitamin K Absence--factor II) was measured by ELISA (Asserachrom PIVKA-II, Diagnostica Stago, Asnieres, France), interleukin-2 receptor (IL2r) by endpoint ELISA (Milenia kit, DPC, Los Angeles, USA) and IGF-1 by ELISA using a non-extraction procedure (Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Webster, Texas, USA).