PIXCPassengers in Excess of Capacity (UK)
PIXCPacific Internet Exchange Corp. (Hawaii)
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In Honolulu, PIXC is putting the finishing touches on its flagship exchange facility, a 10,000 square-foot communications center featuring dozens of equipment installation racks for customers, uninterrupted power supplies, backup network circuitry, comprehensive environment control &protection systems, and sophisticated access security.
Significantly, PIXC has already leased equipment co-location space and support services to GTE International, Time Warner Telecom, and the University of Hawaii (UH).
Recent comments by industry experts say that the PIXC Internet Exchange switch designed by local engineers is one of the most creative and efficiently designed Internet switches in the world.
Prior to joining PIXC, he was with Digital Equipment Corporation as Director of Business Development, Corporate Advanced Research &Development; and Director of Worldwide Semiconductor Practice.