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PIXEProton-Induced X-Ray Emission (aka Particle-Induced X-Ray Emission)
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Ruvalcaba Sil, Jose Luis, Guy Demortier y Alicia Oliver, "External Beam PIXE Analysis of Gold pre-Hispanic Mexican Jewelry", International Journal of PIXE, 5, 1995, p.
PIXE is a bulk method which excludes the possibility to examine the heterogeneity of the ceramic fabric, technological aspects apart from bulk composition and, crucially, elemental analysis of the ceramic body (for a PIXE application to analyse the coating and ceramic fabric separately, see Leon et al.
El MAN no permitio el desplazamiento de sus materiales, aunque si la extraccion de micromuestras de oro que se analizaron por PIXE en el Laboratoire d'analyses par Reactions Nucleaires (Univ.
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PIXE analysis of trace elements in relation to chlorophyll concentration in Plantago ovata Forsk.
A sampling of topics covered includes: archaeological and archaeometric data in the study of the athlete of Croatia, study by mobile non-destructive testing of the bronze statue of the "Satiro" of Marsala, archaeometric measurements with PIXE in Slovenia, digitization and multispectral analysis of artistic objects, robotics tools for underwater archaeology, and results of CAT scan analyses of Egyptian mummies in the Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte of Trieste.
The core chapters look at grain-size effects on PIXE and INAA analysis of IAEA-336 lichen reference material; cell-membrane damage and elements leaching in transplanted Parmelia sulcata lichen related to ambient SO in, temperature, and precipitation; transplant set-ups and positioning towards wind direction: element concentrations and relationships with atmospheric element deposition; and a biomonitoring study of Setubal Peninsula region, Portugal.
Trace element studies on Tinospora cordifolia (Menispermaceae), Ocimum sanctum (Lamiaceae), Moringa oleifera (Moringaceae), and Phyllanthus niruri (Euphorbiaceae) using PIXE.
Surprisingly, a new study using both laser ablation ICPMS and PIXE PIGME has sourced the most distant stemmed tool, from Biak Island (Friede 2005: II, 86; Figures 2 and 11) to the Umleang obsidian source on Lou Island, in Manus province (Figure 11) and represents the first evidence that this source was in use during the mid-Holocene (Torrence et al.
En el metodo PIXE la muestra a analizar es irradiada por protones procedentes de un acelerador, cuyas energias se encuentran comprendidas en el rango de los MeV.
Para la determinacion de los compuestos quimicos contenidos en los filtros, se usaron las tecnicas de laboratorio PIXE y XRF, en los laboratorios del Grocker Nuclear Laboratory de la University of California-Davis, cuya descripcion se encuentra en la literatura (Eldred et al.
A nonparametric assessment of the relative output of INAA and PIXE on joint determinands in environmental samples (atmospheric biomonitors).