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PIXELPicture Element
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Raycom Media in the USA is currently implementing Pixel Factory across its Fox affiliate stations, with the intention of boosting its promotional and marketing output while controlling costs.
The new pixel is obtained by interpolating the 4 adjacent pixels of the original pixel.
To meet this challenge, previous sensor technology developments focused on improving the light absorption of each pixel, and have progressed pixel technology from FSI (Front Side Illumination) to BSI (Back Side Illumination) which places photodiode at the top to maximize photoelectric efficiency.
The main property of Chan's method is that his method dose not partition pixels into pixel pairs but uses XOR Function to link all pixel bits.
For each of the eight resulting maskings, the average pixel pair values of the masked original image is calculated.
Most of mathematic methods are reciprocal, and anti- aliased pixel can be detected with inverting previous method.
The new device utilizes a next generation 8.1micrometer pixel pitch (pixel length) manufacturing process that shrinks the area of each pixel by 50% compared with JVC's existing 720p device.
"Fujitsu continues to set the bar for the digital imaging industry with its versatile, innovative document scanners, and we are pleased to acknowledge their technology advancements and partner relationship with Pixel Translations," said Jim Vickers, chief marketing officer of Captiva and general manager of Pixel Translations.
By building a more complicated pixel structure that includes filters and multiple oil layers, the researchers have made elements of e-paper that can generate a wide range of colors with exceptional brightness.
While it's true that the scene is enlarged through the scale of the pixel boxes, there is also a reduction at work in her transformation of the source image.
The Google Pixel 4 is said to feature a 5.7-inch Full HD+ OLED display, whereas the Pixel 4 XL could sport a bigger, 6.3-inch Quad HD+ OLED display.
Some might argue that (https://www.ibtimes.com/google-pixel-4-reportedly-taking-design-cues-apples-iphone-11-2799963) Google copied Apple's design for the upcoming iPhones, but BGR argues that Google "leaked" its own device so as to put on record that it didn't copy the Apple-branded smartphone's camera design -- the company's "reveal" meant to say that it designed the Pixel 4 that way right off the bat.