PIZProtease Inhibitor Z (lung disease research)
PIZPublic Information Zone
PIZParametrial Initial Zone (gynocology)
PIZPatent Information Centre
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He was anxious to make it clear he had nothing to do with what he called the "tam piz ness" of the morning.
Similarly, Piz Buin One Day Long lotion, 200ml, SPF 15, cost PS15 at Asda and PS9.
Piz Buin Instant Glow Skin Illuminating Sun Spray (150ml) PS17
At Easter, I was on holiday in the South of France and, having been unable to buy my favourite sun cream, L'Oreal Solar Expertise, I saw Piz Buin on special offer in Superdrug and bought its Ultra Light Dry Touch SPF15.
Another new technology in sun protection is in wet skin formulations, introduced by Piz Buhl in 2013 for its Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray.
A one-way ticket to Piz Nair is no bargain, but it's a worthwhile expense.
Application of the ATZ11 antibody in Western blot analysis provides clear evidence that in PiZ carriers, a significant fraction of plasma AAT is in a polymeric form (22).
There are extensive data in the literature on the prevalence of the two most common deficiency alleles, indicated by Pi phenotypes PiS and PiZ, in countries all over Europe (Blanco et al.
segments subject to the proposed rule that are within a potential impact zone are considered higher impact zones; those segments outside a PIZ are considered lower impact zones).
Product: Piz Buin Self-Tan Max Tan FoamPrice: pounds 11.
Wednesday with the screening of the German mountain drama ``The White Hell of Piz Palu.
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