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PIZAPopulation-Interaction Zones for Agriculture
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Piza, 2000, "Internet Valuation: Why Are the Values So High?
TUI flies from Baginton to Majorca, Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Grenoble, Ibiza, Piza, Salzburg, Paris, and Jersey.
But the mechanical engineer and successful businessman never imagined that his second-born, 31-year-old Lize (rhymes with Piza, Italy's famed leaning tower), would one day join him as he pursued a law degree in his 60s.
It's peetzah, not piza, beeautiful, not bootiful," the instructor admonishes them.
It was in the unassuming but salubrious Torre di Piza,off,ahem,Fifth Avenue in Manhattan,New York.
FOOTBALL fan Erroberto Piza Rios has to take extra care during a game in case he gets croc-ed.
Hildegunde Piza, MD, head of plastic surgery, said this was the first transplant operation involving high amputations-only an 8 to 9 cm stump was left below each elbow.
Rochford will travel to Piza in Italy in August to compete in her weight category for the Under-10s world title.
Piza also foresees interactive chars beetween TV/web-show creators and website visitors.
Menzel EJ, Piza H, Zielinski C, Endler AT, Steffen C, Millesi H.
In addition, there is a plethora of eating places including a Cafe Rouge, Piza Piazza, Pizza Express, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wimpy, two fish and chip shops, and several Indian end Thai restaurants.
Piza Escalante, a former judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and currently a member of the Costa Rican Supreme Court is of the view that advisory opinions of the Court are legally binding.