PImMSPixel Imaging Mass Spectrometry
PImMSProject to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science
PImMSProton-Ion Medical Machine Study
PImMSPortable, Interactive, Multi-Mission Simulator
PImMSPancake Ice Motion Mapping System
PImMSPlasma Ionization Multicollector Mass Spectrometry
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I just wish you'd taken it to five sets - the Pimms was damn tasty.
Thyme For Pimms, left, is just one of the cocktails served at Ginger's Bar, Purnell's Bistro
Customers can also enter a raffle with prizes ranging from Wimbledon sunglasses to a bottle of Pimms and prizes donated by other local businesses.
Pimms is traditionally diluted with lemonade, but the quality of the lemonade is perhaps the key to making a good Pimms.
Guests were able to view the apartments that are for sale and enjoy a Pimms on the lawn amid the graceful surroundings.
Passengers from the Seabourn Pride, which docked yesterday, drank Pimms among the palms before being served tea and triangular three-tier sandwiches with the crusts cut off, followed by strawberries and cream.
Whether the Betfair punters, sans Pimms, who blew a few quid in running on the earlier races at Goodwood yesterday agree with me is another matter.
The event, taking place between 11am and 4pm at Virginia Park, will include not only a tour of the stunning new Barratt development but also an afternoon on the terrace at the famous club, along with the chance of a session with professional tennis instructors, Pimms, strawberries and cream and live music.
Following the news that Bernard Erpicum and Serge Falestich of Eclipse in West Hollywood have opened their Eclipse in Pimms at the Cap Juluca resort in the British West Indies, we see that Michael Franks and Robert Bell of The Chez and several South Bay restaurants are set to unveil this month their Malibu restaurant in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
Under its arrangement with CVS, PIMMS has become the retailer's preferred supplier of such services as product placement programs, sales promotion support, and market and product research.
It brings back many memories of when I was a young school girl of about 13 when I used to go the fishmarket at The Bull Ring to get my mother her periwinkles and crab claws for her Saturday night treat and when I reached the age of 15 I had a Saturday day job in a shop called Pimms Pets.