PJACPhiladelphia Jewish Archives Center (Pennsylvania)
PJACPrisoners Justice Action Committee (Canada)
PJACPinellas Juvenile Assessment Center (Florida)
PJACPulse Jet Air Cleaner (trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc.)
PJACPhilippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation (est. 1972)
PJACPittsburgh Japanese Animation Club (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
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PJAC grantees will be required to participate in an Office of Child Support Enforcement funded cross-site evaluation that will use a random assignment design to evaluate the effectiveness of the project demonstration.
In addition to the six grants awarded to child support agencies to implement PJAC, ACF also awarded a grant to the Georgia Department of Human Services to procure and manage the national evaluation of PJAC under the authority of Section 1115 of the Social Security Act.
Los siguientes sitios muestran algunas singularidades: AFBR, AGRE, PJAC, POSA y PJAC.
En sitios como AALA se obtuvo coincidencia entre las razones espectrales obtenidas por las distintas tecnicas y en otros como PJAC y HCPD las formas de estos graficos son dificiles de interpretar, debido probablemente a la presencia de una geologia compleja.
The PJAC Ultra system maintains the same physical dimensions as a conventional air cleaner and is scalable, with a variety of sizes available.
The PJAC is a self-cleaning air filter that cleans filter elements with short duration pulses of compressed air.
The PJAC system was capable of operating for more than 200 hours in the desert without filter maintenance, which optimizes vehicle reliability, reduces fuel consumption, extends filter service life and decreases engine air restriction, said Donaldson.
Tests have also shown that fuel reductions of up to 5% can be achieved with the PJAC systems, said the company.
Colin Andreoli, military solutions manager, Donaldson Filtration Solutions added, "To compare the PJAC system to traditional military solutions is difficult due to the magnitude of difference in performance.
The PJAC systems have proven capable of lasting hundreds of hours without clogging.
The addition of a PJAC system to the engine will help it perform more efficiently and reduce maintenance support, expediting the completion of military missions utilizing the TERRIER vehicle.