PJDParti de la Justice et du Développement (French: Justice and Development Party, Morocco)
PJDPreliminary Jurisdictional Determination (US Army Corps of Engineers)
PJDPhotojournalism Division (Photographic Society of America)
PJDPrisoners' Justice Day (Canada)
PJDPapers of Jefferson Davis (documentary editing project; Rice University; Houston, TX)
PJDPancreatic Juice Diversion
PJDPsychological Job Demand (behavior)
PJDPubertal Juvenile Dyspituitarism (adolescent obesity)
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On July 22, two days before the House of Representatives approved of framework law 51.17, Chairman of the PJD at the House of Representatives Idriss Al Azami Idrissi submitted his resignation letter.
Le SG general du PPS a, de nouveau, repondu a des questions qui reviennent sans cesse sur les rapports avec le PJD et avec l'ex-chef de gouvernement Abdelilah Benkirane, ou encore avec l'actuelle majorite gouvernementale etc.
He is a great national hero, Ambassador Sterling noted, as quoted by PJD.Scarontefaacutenik died young (on May 4th, 1919) in a plane crash close to Ivanka.
20 protest movement had singled out Himma for criticism, and the PAM slipped to fourth place in Parliament while the PJD won elections of November 2011.
Cinq ans au pouvoir n'ont donc pas emousse la popularite du PJD. Avec un bilan en demi-teinte, ce parti organise , accuse par ses detracteurs de dissimuler un agenda islamiste dur, s'est bien garde jusqu'a present de legiferer sur les mœurs, et a cantonne son action a la sphere economique et sociale.
While the PJD holds traditionalist views that may conflict with leftist, centrist, and even other right-wing parties' views, this difference in ideology is exactly what strengthens Morocco's political plurality and paves the path for the continuation of its move towards democracy.
PJD has done something else that made it more acceptable to skeptical voters and neighboring governments.
Since our last update, there is positive progress on the new coalition and fiscal reforms: the PJD led government has raised fuel prices for the second time since coming to office, and press reports suggest that a cabinet 'reshuffle' may be in the offing, resulting in the inclusion of the RNI into the Benkerane administration.
Dans un communique publie a l'issue d'une reunion samedi a Rabat, sous la presidence du secretaire general du PJD, Abdelilah Benkirane, et dont copie est parvenue lundi a la MAP, le parti precise que lors de cette reunion, M.
The PJD in Morocco, while always recognized as an opposition party, did not play a role in previous Moroccan governments, which may be why it was so successful in elections.
For now, his Justice and Development Party (PJD), whose success in an October 2011 election brought it into government for the first time, insists political cohabitation is thriving.
Beyond being partial elections for seats that could be counted on one's fingers, the fact that Morocco's Justice and Development Party (PJD - Parti de la Justice et du Developpement) has monopolized their absolute majority means that the Islamist party's popular clout has not been affected by the PJD moving from the opposition to the government.