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PJIPolyposis, Juvenile Intestinal
PJIProper Job Instruction
PJIPacific Jetting International, Inc.
PJIPattern Jury Instructions
PJIParachute Jumping Instructor
PJIPacific Justice Institute (Sacramento, CA)
PJIPrejudgement Interest (civil litigation)
PJIPhase Jump Inhibiter (Sins of a Solar Empire video game)
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14) Furthermore, there is limited evidence discussing the infection risk for patients, treated with anti TNF[alpha] therapy, after orthopaedic procedures, with no studies examining the change in risk for late onset PJI for patients started on TNF[alpha] DMARDs.
the rights of parents, which are invoked in both PJI and the Liberty
Kevin Snider, the PJI attorney handling the case, informed the city's Code Enforcement Board that the Roessigers have since changed the mailing address for the ministry so that it is no longer listed at their home.
PJI Contract is one of Singapore's first industry adopters of this technology, and has applied the self-cleaning coating on the building facades of its commercial customers such as a pharmaceutical giant in Singapore.
The success of the South Korean market starts at the top with an outstanding franchisee, PJI Korea, led by operating partner James Cho and chief executive officer Channgwoo Soh, who demonstrate outstanding leadership and vision," said David Flanery, Papa John's chief financial officer and acting managing director of the company's International division.
With both certificates in place, Zimmer, in conjunction with its manufacturing partner CD Diagnostics, is now cleared to launch the Synovasure PJI Test to an initial Tier 1 group of countries, including Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.
Through PJI, together with our Asia South business focus, we are now able to provide our clients with strategically best-shore alternatives by leveraging delivery capabilities in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, in addition to our existing key centres in China.
PJI Contract Pte Ltd, a leading specialist in surface protection coatings for oil and gas and the pharmaceutical industries, licensed the SIMTech water soluble Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticle self-cleaning technology.
In addition, the Company informed that in the Phase 2 study of Taksta, under which 50 patients with prosthetic joint infection (PJI) will be randomized to receive either oral Taksta plus rifampin or current standard of care, 31 subjects with PJI have been screened, at 14 sites, of which 21 subjects were enrolled on Taksta plus rifampin.
At its annual Operators' Conference in Orlando, Florida, Papa John's recently presented international top honors to PJI Korea Co.
The Court held that the trial court s inclusion of PJI 2:15 was a material deviation from the applicable legal standard in a design defect case under the Court s precedent adopting a reasonable person standard and therefore required reversal and a new trial.
4Q13: Top-line results of the Phase 2 trial in PJI patients