PJSUPavol Jozef Safarik University (Slovak Republic)
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Though the representative of the Progressive Jewish Student Union (PJSU) spoke in the name of Jews, in fact, about one-third of the members of the coalition were Jewish and many often found themselves in disagreement with positions taken by the PJSU.
At one point, after a conflict with the PJSU representative, the woman representing BALI (Bisexual and Lesbian Individuals) said in exasperation, "Look, both you and I are queer Jews, so stop giving me a hard time." Charges of racism and anti-Semitism were often uttered in the same breath, and the couplet became a more or less routine part of political discourse.
They also did not want to jeopardize their alliance: when the PJSU withdrew its opposition to the war, the other organizations were willing to modify their own opposition partly to avoid undermining an alliance that predated the war and would continue to be important after the war, an alliance that sustains the influence of all these organizations within student politics.