PJVPorgera Joint Venture (Papua New Guinea)
PJVPorcupine Joint Venture (Canada)
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The company also mentioned that the units were redeemed using availability on its lines of credit and that the PJV units were issued in 2007 when the CW Joint Venture acquired four malls in St Louis, Missouri.
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Using a combination of open pit and underground mining, PJV moves of the order of 12-14 million tonnes of rock each year, most of which ends up as crushed waste rock carried by local rivers 800 km into the Gulf of Papua.
This competition has taken various forms and exhibited varying levels of intensity: from disputes arising out of the mining of natural deposits by large, multinational corporations such as Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML), Porgera Joint Ventures Ltd (PJV) and Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) (cf.
CBL will have the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the PJV units following the fifth anniversary of closing at liquidation value, plus accrued and unpaid distributions.
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A recent report published by the Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) of Australia contends that the "pollution associated with this mine is arguably worse than that of the notorious Ok Tedi mine." The managing director of Placer Niugini, the PNG subsidiary of the Placer mining company, defends the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV, a joint operation of three Australian companies, Placer, Renison Goldfields and Highlands Gold), telling the PNG parliament in December 1995 that the claims were "baseless."