PJVSProgrammable Josephson Voltage Standard
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The reduction in the production and other consequent operations will reduce the number of jobs, and thereby, result in retrenchment of employees (PJV Sustainable Report 2000).
One of the measures that will be needed to assist PJV and the employees with retrenchment is the 'social plan', which aims to avoid job losses and the impacts of employment decline.
This paper argues that the 'job advice centre' is one of the needed areas and suggests PJV consider opening one or two of these facilities in the mine site or Porgera station.
Updates from the human resource department in March 2002 and the Post Courier (2005) reveal that PJV has recruited and selected 1424 Porgerans as 'award workers' (only Porgerans and others who are married to and have traditional links with the Porgerans) and 625 as 'national staff' (other Papua New Guineans who secured employment through applying).
Following this, can those PJV employees; especially the Porgeran workforces made redundant (progressively) as mining operations wind down, fill those needs?
Concurrently, a full investigation of specifically what is likely to be covered by 'trades assistants' would indicate how many of the above positions could be potentially filled by former PJV employees.
We should not be abandoned by PJV during the process of the Mine Closure as well as after the mine closure.
PJV's retrenchment and employment policies are likely to play a significant role in the success or failure of overall closure policy.
A suggested course of action for PJV is to establish a working group reporting to the mine manager.
It is clear that quite a large number of Porgerans in PJV employment might not find the skills they have developed with the company of much value in the post PJV Porgeran economy.
PJV has to find alternative employment for the local employees who have been retrenched, mostly through arrangements with the other Barrick gold mines in PNG and other countries.
Other mines such as the former Misima Mines Limited (MML) and Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) have faced exactly the same kinds of problems that PJV is likely to experience.