PK1Pyruvate Kinase 1
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The balls are in permanent contacts with inner and outer raceways at the same time at the accelerometer PK1 attached location.
It was possible to evaluate micro-defects separately of both inner and outer raceways and balls through vibration measurements using both output vibration signals from PK1 and PK2 transducers.
With grease and preloads F1 = 100 N bearing vibration acceleration magnitudes are 2-2.5 times greater at accelerometer PK1 measurement location in comparison with PK2 data, as ball shocks at outer and inner raceways were more intensive in comparison with outer raceway at PK2 accelerometer location.
4, a) indicated low frequency 700 Hz vibration acceleration amplitudes in the spectra of both PK1 and PK2 transducers output signals.
Vibration intensity is of the same values measured with accelerometers PK1 and PK2.
The raahe regional welfare association requests tenders in connection with the renewal project of the raahe hospital transformation and main center, from the main centers pk1 and pk2 and from the reserve power center pk vv2 in accordance with the separate procurement definition annexed to the call for tender and its annexes.
Electronic auction: implementation of the activities of the subprogram "construction, reconstruction, overhaul and repair of public roads in the krasnodar territory" (repair krasnaya street from pk0 + 00 (border of works 2015) to pk1 + 73 in the village of novoye selo; stepnaya street from pc0 + 00 (krasnaya street) to pk1 + 72 in the village of novoe selo, repair vostochnaya street from pk0 + 00 (krasnaya street) to pk4 + 00 in novoye selo village)
The Parties emphasized successful implementation of the pilot project on drilling and testing two wells for high-viscous oil production from the PK1 formation of the North-Komsomolskoye Field: due to the works carried out in 2015-2016, 2P oil and condensate reserves (PRMS) of the field increased from 52 to 111 million tons.