PKAIProtein Kinase A Inhibitor
PKAIProtein Kinase A Isozyme I
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In an orientation, volunteers explained that PKAI is a non-stock and non-profit organization that holds a 10-day annual camp dubbed Pedya Kamp programmed for children with disabilities including those with intellectual disabilities, physically handicapped, street children and orphans.
Estudos indicam que a elevada concentracao de cAMP intraoocitaria inibe a ativacao do MPF, por prevenir a desfosforilacao dos residuos Thr14 e Tyr 15 e reprimir a sintese de ciclina B1, atraves da ativacao da PKAI (46).
(2003) recorded evoked firing of an LFS motor neuron and an LE sensory neuron, the membrane resistance of each neuron, and the monosynaptic PSP between them after either injecting the LE neuron with PKAi or injecting the LFS neuron with BAPTA.