PKBIPerkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (Indonesian Family Planning Association)
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The website of PKBI of West Java also provides a long list of reasons why sex before marriage should be prevented.
A study in Java by PKBI in 1994 found that of 2,558 abortions, 58% were in young women aged 15-24, of whom 62% were not married.
This position is taken by Utamadi, a reproductive health activist with PKBI in Yogyakarta, in an article in Kompas, the biggest national newspaper.
5% got their information from teachers, parents or adolescent service centers, such as the Youth Center of the PKBI.
In Jambi, the places which give out information, education and services on adolescent reproductive health were SIKOK (Youth Center for Information and Consultation) and PKBI; in West Sumatera, the Cemara PKBI and in Lampung, the SKALA PKBI and Damar Foundation.
In the regions there are a number of newspapers and private radio stations, which consistently provide an adolescent consultation rubric working with the PKBI Youth Centers.