PKCZProtein Kinase C Zeta
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Both Myo5a and PkcZ have a direct tie to pigmentation either through intercellular trafficking of melanosomes [107-109] or through melanocyte dendrite formation [110] (a structure important to intercellular trafficking), respectively.
[91] demonstrated that AA binds to GPR40 and then induces mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC2) phosphorylation ([mTOR.sup.ser2481]) that activates [Akt.sup.ser407], which phosphorylates protein kinase C[zeta] (PKCZ).
Fang et al., "Regulated mechanism of electroacupuncture on emotional pain with PKCZ in anterior cingulated cortex of rats with CFA chronic inflammatory pain," Journal of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, vol.