PKCdProtein Kinase C Delta
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In previous research, Kanthasamy has shown that a novel protein-known as protein kinase-C (specifically PKCd) - kills essential dopamine-producing cells in the brain.
Ambrogini et al., "a-tocopherol affects neuronal plasticity in adult rat dentate gyrus: the possible role of PKCd," Journal of Neurobiology, vol.
Signaling events leading to HLA-G inhibitory effects on malignant B cells were mediated through increased PKC[alpha]/[beta]II, PKCd, and PKCff phosphorylation and decreased phosphorylation of AKT, mTOR, GSK-3[beta], c-Raf, and Foxo proteins.
The novel protein known as protein kinase-C (specifically PKCd) is killing cells that produce the needed dopamine.