PKHProject Khmer HOPE (Humanitarian Outreach for Peace on Earth; Cambodia)
PKHPeter Knipp Holdings (Singapore)
PKHProgram Keluarga Harapan (Malay: Program Family Hope)
PKHPendidikan Kecakapan Hidup (Indonesian: LIfe Skills Education)
PKHPenggunaan Kawasan Hutan (Indonesian: Use of Forest Area)
PKHPrivacy Know How, LLC (Texas)
PKHPsychiatrische Krankenhaus Halle (German psychiatric hospital facility)
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One social assistance programme that did not experience much change in term of its design is the PKH (Program Keluarga Harapan, Family of Hope Programme), a conditional cash transfer programme.
burgdorferi with PKH is a valuable tool for analyzing the interactions between spirochetes and tick cells.
As Phyllis Braff points out in her short essay for the Pollock-Krasner House's smaller publication, Elaine de Kooning Portrayed, both her portraits of a number of artist friends and the reciprocal images of her made by them express, on a subjective level, "an echo of the aura surrounding Elaine's persona." They also illustrate how she shared with her husband a "more expansive view of the avant-garde," one that recognized both the centrality of the individual and the necessity for newer formal innovation (PKH 7).
With more than 20 years of experience in F&B and franchising industry, PKH has been successfully running several well-known brands like Balaji, Golden Chariot, Brass Monkey, etc.
Mrs May also told a central London conference on international crime policing that a PS10m Police Knowledge Fund (PKH) was being set up to encourage closer working between police and academic organisations "so that, in future, policing is based on a thorough understanding of crime and best practice".
These Mari words can be added to the following cognate set: SaaN njuozzit'hammer flat and thin; roll out (dough)', Komi nuzal-, Udm nuza-, KhE ninc-, KhS ninc-, KhN ms- (< PKh *ninc-), MsN, MsE nuns-, MsS nons' stretch (intr.)'(< PMs *nunns-).
Therefore, numerous in vitro assays have been developed for CSC identification, which include the colony assay, the sphere assay, the "side population" (SP) assaybyHoechst labeling, (12) staining for CSC surface antigens (such as ABCG2 and other markers), aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) activity assay, (13) and label-retaining cell assay using PKH (Paul Karl Horan) dyes.
The maximum height of the curve expressed in percent energy was the mean-peak-height (PKH).
th pkh fss Experts predict no base rate change for at least two years, so it would be sensible to take out a five-year fix to see you past this, into the unknown.
(4.) Gooi Z, Lee R, Wong KK, Tam PKh. The use of splenic artery embolisation as a bridge to safe laparoscopic sple-nectomy in a patient with resistant immune thrombocy-topenic purpura.
(20.) Brook JR, Poirot RL, Dann TF, Lee PKH, Lillyman CD, Ip T.