PKISPublic Key Infrastructure Services (software)
PKISPki Services
PKISPolski Klub Infrastruktury Sportowej (Polish Infrastructure Sports Club)
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A DarkMatter Group investigation has revealed that a significant portion of Gulf's top companies' websites are potentially vulnerable to hackers as they are currently not secured by a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
Since iGPS [19], PKIS [20], and NetworKIN [17] use Phospho.ELM as training data, the phosphorylation sites existing in both training and testing data would overestimate the prediction performance.
However, countries do not have the same viewpoint concerning the right organizational model of PKIs. For certain countries, national accreditation may limit innovation and competition between CAs.
In this scale, which we refer to as the Propane Knock Index (PKI), the knock resistance for a given gaseous fuel mixture is expressed as an equivalent fraction of propane in methane under the identical engine conditions.
This kind of certificate systems is referred to as public key infrastructure (PKI).
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In the classical PKI scenario, everyone trusts a single Certification Authority (CA) and the sender and recipient of the information rely on the same CA.
[27] See the PKI system LEFIS UNIZAR in: (visited 16 December 2008)
The set of key pairs, certificates and certification authorities is referred to as public key infrastructure (PKI).
An AC generalises the identity certificates managed within the Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) by linking an attribute (a user's identity or its role) to a public key.
Single sign-on passwords, public key infrastructures (PKIs) and biometrics are among the options available to strengthen authentication.