PKIXPublic Key Infrastructure X509
PKIXPublic Key Infrastructure Exchange (Internet Engineering Task Force)
PKIXPublic Key Infrastructure for X.509 Certificates (IETF)
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The PKIX Working Group was established in the fall of 1995 to develop Internet standards supporting an X.509-based public key infrastructure (PKI).
PKIX is now focusing on additional standards work to develop protocols that are either integral to PKI management or that are otherwise closely related to PKI use.
It urges public key infrastructure (PKI) pioneers Entrust, Cybertrust and VeriSign to back the PKIX standard effort with open source certificate code.
Although no such infrastructure currently exists, the efforts of the IETF Public Key Infrastructure Working Group (PKIX) are encouraging.
CDSA is also being used as part of e-business security setups, and can work in conjunction with the Internet Engineering Task Force's PKIX Public Key Encryption standard.
Intelispan's PKI conforms to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Security working group's development of Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), the PKIX cross certification efforts, and the ANSI X.509v3 standard.
Lotus and IBM have written Jonah PKIX as a proof of concept for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)'s Public Key Infrastructure for X.509 certificates (PKIX).