PKJPrivredne Komore Jugoslavije (Serbian: Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce)
PKJPeugeot Klub Jylland (Danish: Peugeot Club Jylland; Denmark)
PKJPusat Kebudayaan Jepang (Indonesian: Japanese Cultural Center)
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* The PKJ 4316 P is rated at 48 Vin/28.2 V/11 A 310 Wout
* The PKJ 4216N PI is rated at 48 Vin/30.2 V/8.3 A 250 Wout.
PKJ: Regarding Korean Love Songs, did the poems in this sequence tumble out in a rush (as Keith Wilson says his Graves Registry poems did), or were they developed over a long period of time?
PKJ: Is there a factual journal that lies behind the fictional journal?
PKJ: Was The Useless Servants, like Korean Love Songs, originally written in English?
PKJ: When did you first think of yourself as a writer or as a writer in the making?
PKJ: Having written two book-length imaginative works about the Korean War and having referred to it in other works, you may feel that you're done with it as a subject for your art.
PKJ: As the fiftieth anniversary of the war approaches, do you have any thoughts about how U.S.
PKJ: In your career as an academician, do you ever find occasion to address the Korean War?
PKJ: What was it like to gather with other writers and scholars at a conference focused on the Korean War?
PKJ: The Korean War veterans with whom you met in Missoula have their counterparts all over the country.