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PKKPusat Khidmat Kontraktor (Malaysian government agency; contractor regulation)
PKKPlayer-Killer Killer (multiplayer gaming)
PKKPoliteknik Kota Kinabalu (Malaysian school)
PKKPemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (Indonesian: Empowerment Family Welfare; Surabaya, Indonesia)
PKKKudistan Isci Partisi (formerly Kurdistan Workers Party, now KADEK)
PKKPartiya Karker Kurdistan (Kurdistan Worker's Party)
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Previously, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey and Iraq will begin a joint military operation against PKK in May this year.
On Friday, the Turkish military said security forces killed 26 PKK militants during operations in Turkey and northern Iraq in one week.
The PKK claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on one of its websites.
Once they decide to return to Turkey, or when the PKK has decided to send them to Turkish cities, they need to find new ID cards to escape security radar.
During this time period, Turkish security forces refrained from conducting military operations in Kurdish-majority areas and the presence of PKK fighters was tolerated in urban areas.
In other words, Berlin's Kurdish and PKK policy has become a subject of interest among the Turkish public.
But villagers and PKK officials in the area deny that.
htm) PKK agreed to withdraw its estimated 2,500 fighters from Turkey to safe havens in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region, while Ankara was called to implement democratic reforms to reinforce the rights of the Kurdish minority.
The Kurdish Globe By Behrooz Shojai There have beenf some comments on my recent article about PKK and its struggle in the North.
As Ocalan frantically phoned PKK militants in Europe, demanding they find a country to take him, Turkish authorities located him and planned for his capture.
Eight militants from a Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) camp in the Kandil Mountains in northern Iraq crossed a border gate near Silopi in Turkey's southeast, where thousands of supporters were awaiting them with PKK flags.