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Kemaloh Lundayeh and Bario Kelabit balang (Blust 1993) are translated as 'tiger,' but Sa'ban beleang is glossed by Blust as 'tiger cat,' as is his Proto-Kelabit-Lun Dayeh (PKLD) * balan (Blust 2000: 317), from which all of the Dayic forms originate.
Bermingham.) Amplification products were cleaned electrophoretically and purified by adsorption onto silica in the presence of high salt buffer (Geneclean procedure, Bio101, Vista, California, USA), and were sequenced in the L direction using DyeDeoxy Terminator Cycle Sequencing (Applied Biosystems Division of Perkin Elmer, Foster, California, USA) with the primers CO2GQL, LYSL, PKL, PKLD, and TPL.