PKMBPseudoepitheliomatous, Keratotic and Micaceous Balanitis (penile disorder)
PKMBPertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Malay: United Malays National Organisation)
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The experiments reported here extended this work by examining the possible relationship between paranormal belief and verbal suggestibility within the context of PKMB after effects.
This study examined whether it was possible to create PKMB after effects via verbal suggestion.
The impetus for this aspect of the study came from a colleague who, after attending a presentation about Experiment 1, noted that although some witnesses of PKMB after effects did mention the alleged psychic stating that the object was continuing to bend, many did not.
This paper describes two studies that explored whether ostensible PKMB after effects can be created via verbal suggestion alone.
On a more pragmatic level, the findings reported here demonstrate that testimony for PKMB after effects can be created by verbal suggestion, and therefore the testimony from individuals who have observed allegedly genuine demonstrations of such effects should not be seen as strong evidence in support of the paranormal.